Artwork inspired by the ocean!

I didn’t plan on any of this but I have an amazing journey to share with you. As I connect my dots over the last 3 years, I realise that I have tripped super-hard on the ocean! My artwork and my lifestyle have been both deeply inspired by it. Here’s how:

My fascination with the oceans have defined my travels over the last 3 years. From up in the north a beautiful island between Sweden and Estonia called Saaremaa to tropical paradises like Andaman Islands (India), Sri Lanka, Koh Rong (Cambodia) and Koh Phagnan (Thailand). I am deeply grateful that my eyes have been able to see so much beauty. I don’t quite know if it’s magic or luck.

During my travels, I would draw every single day for 6-8 hours. What would I draw? The ocean and those who lived within!

Every day I would pick a place by the beach to sit and draw. Eventually, as it would get hot, I would take a break with a swim along with some snorkelling.

In my free time I watched a lot of documentaries about the ocean, took up a beginner course to learn surfing in Sri lanka an then scuba diving in Andaman islands. I can now dive and surf! I can’t do both of them well. But hey, it’s amazing to catch your first wave and it’s trippy af to see corals! I also had the wonderful opportunity to see bioluminescent plankton underwater along the shores of Koh Rong (Cambodia) and go sailing on the baltic sea as well as the coast of Brittany (France).

In the last 3 years, I have had the time to feel, think, see, smell, taste and draw the ocean.

The ocean keeps me happy, healthy and calm.

With covid, I have had some indoor time. I have been missing my ocean/draw lifestyle. I took this time to digitise my work, update my website and share my trip with you.

It gives me great joy to show you my illustrations of the ocean over the last 3 years! Made with lots of patience, dots and love for the ocean. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this artwork and bring some of that good energy home:

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