About the artist

He is a slow learner.

He doesn't have patience.

He cannot pay attention in class.

He cannot concentrate.

Too much energy. He can never sit still. 

He lacks focus. 

He is never motivated to finish anything. 


Hi! My name is Jin and I am a psychedelic artist from India specialising in ‘pointillism’ i.e. using only dots to paint. 

My colour-explosive art pieces combine millions of dots meticulously placed over countless hours on black paper with gel pens. Each of my art pieces takes approximately a month to finish. 

The finished pieces are captured with macro-photography & printed on hi quality photo paper.

Only 15 prints of each piece are available for sale globally. This ensures exclusivity for the buyer.

You can follow my works on Instagram: @creepyandtrippy

Thanks for supporting my art! :)